Hope Parnell

Professor of Entrepreneurism Clemson University

Grayson is hands down one of the best speakers I have ever brought into my classroom. All college professors should invite him to their classes. I'm so thankful he was recommended to me. Grayson is raw, he's real, he's engaging, he's funny, and his message is powerful. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Grayson's faith, his boldness, his story, his work ethic, and the impact he has made and continues to make on so many lives. Thank you, Grayson, for leaving your mark in my students' lives!

2016/2017 Jack & Jill of America Incorporated

Jacksonville Chapter Beautillion Chairperson

Thank you does not seem adequate! Grayson Marshall you delivered a message today that truly opened our minds, hearts and sense of purpose. Your passion, insight and knowledge are unparalleled! Thank you for using solid biblical principles to raise the bar for these highly achieving young men. The feedback was simply outstanding! We are DO.POSITIVE believers!!! May you be blessed beyond measure for your investment in our 2017 Jack & Jill Beaux Class.

Ernest “Cisco” Turpin

I have known Grayson Marshall for over 14 years. I have known him as a Christian brother, served with him in ministry, and shared him with as a friend over those years. We have cheered for our daughters who played on the same basketball team. We have shared with each other about raising kids, developing as men, and leading our families, I know him to be a person who loves his family and is business minded with an emphasis on team building,. I guess that is the point guards assist spirit that causes him try to put people in position to succeed. He is a teacher of basketball and business, a true Coach. We are both avid readers and often discuss books we have read, about 2 to 3 years ago he  began  to notice the how NLP, Law of attraction, Seed times and harvest, Karma, and many more philosophies all point to be positive by doing positive. I say all this to say I think he is changing mindsets and helping many people who have open minds and desire to be more positive in all aspects of their life.

Dr. Terri L. Marshall

Worldwide Educator
Online Principal

In order for our society to rise to the challenges of a global civilization, it will be important for the workforce to have employees that are critical thinkers. As an educator who has worked overseas as well as stateside, it is my responsibility to provide instruction that will lead students to master the art thinking critically. Educators help develop these higher order thinking skills through the school’s curriculum, teacher instruction and assessment. But what is often missed is teaching our students how to use these skills in their own personal growth and development. The “Do Positive” program works with students to teach them the process of thinking critically in their own lives and maintaining a positive attitude no matter the circumstances that come their way. The “Do Positive Program” will help students create an inner strength that will lead to a happier and successful life. People will achieve more when they are able to think critically and act positively in both their personal and professional lives.

Sandy Johnston

CEO, Pharmacy Compounding Connection   –  Retired Nurse

Can you remember an opportunity so rare that the moment you experienced it your life changed? I had the opportunity to hear a man speak to a large audience about his successes and failures throughout his life. His courage to speak his truth to a room full of strangers his story of being a college All-American with a business degree that somehow against all odds became homeless at 29. I was not only moved by his intellect, I was riveted and compelled to hear how this man “turned it around.” I felt drawn to his palpable faith in God and compassion toward his fellow man. He didn’t make excuses for his failures, he knew he needed to change his thinking and with fearless determination, that is exactly what he did.
The man I am speaking of is Grayson Marshall. A man I am so proud to call my friend and mentor. This man has become a pioneer in helping others not only see the change that needs to happen but his powerful self discipline helps others see and fulfill their destiny.
Grayson is a broad-minded trailblazer that has the innate ability to uplift those in need of new direction and positive change. I keep hearing Grayson say, “If people aren’t laughing at your dream, your dream isn’t big enough.” I still love that quote and whenever I have an idea that sounds a bit quirky and people laugh, I know I am on the right track.
Grayson is an entrepreneur with the spirit so optimistic and contagious that his Do.Positive message is changing not only the way people act but how they react to large and small life challenges and changes. If you want to Do.Positive and Be Positive, follow Grayson and make the change today. The world can always use more Do.Positive leaders.

Roger Tillis

CEO and Founder of ViewMySport.com

As a CEO of ViewMySport.com, I know the importance of guiding, educating and helping athletes to understand the recruiting process and realize their collegiate dreams….. I love the fact that Grayson Marshall and The Locker Room Experience take that same thought process and expand it into true life transition! Whether you are in high school preparing for college, in college preparing for the pros or life in general, or a pro athlete preparing for life after sports, TLRE prepares you! There are too many paths that one can travel down and TLRE gives you the right guidance to make sure you are prepared and successful! Nobody seems to focus on that and how critical it is! Thank God for The Locker Room Experience!

Rodney Blunt

City Streets to Student Athletes
“Drug Free Don’t Try Me”

When Coach Grayson enters the room, our student-athletes automatically absorb his confidence and inspiration. These are the attributes that they will need to combat peer pressures and avoid drugs and crime in today’s city streets. Coach has embraced the term “role model” and lives his life accordingly.  Thanks for giving our kids the vision to succeed.

Vincent Croft

Customer Program Manager – Gulfstream Aerospace

I recently attended The Locker Room Experience in Jacksonville Florida. What a refreshing experience it was. As an aviation business professional I have attended many seminars and leadership training throughout my 32 years in the industry. Your presentation and insight on business and life experiences were very enlightening and eye opening.
I would like to thank you for your vision and empowering others to dream of being leaders and future entrepreneurs. I would encourage anyone to attend one of your speaking engagements.

Kalin Hall

Vice President of Sales – Zrii International

Grayson Marshall  is a fine individual who has inspired and motivated all who have had the pleasure of spending time with him. As a positive and motivational public speaker and role model for all, he is equally engaging one-on-one in a mentoring and advising relationship. His passion lies in motivating and encouraging others toward their goals in life. Mr. Marshall relates well to diverse audiences with humility and realism. His peers and followers with numerous awards and honors for his leadership, integrity, and hard work have recognized him all over the world.

Jon Awad

Head Coach JV Football at Ponte Vedra High School, Head Coach and Organizer at Rising Stars Baseball
Sr. VP & Portfolio Manager at UBS

Coach Grayson has inspired me to quest for significance versus success in the second half after halftime.

James Price

Associate Pastor – Celebration Church of Jacksonville

It takes a supernatural gift from God to stand in front of people and persuade them to do something. Whether it’s persuading them to give their life to God, or to give their money to a business, whether  you agree with what the person is saying or not, the gift of speaking and persuading people is imperative in our society and is performed every day to get people to do something. It is truly Grayson’s gift.

Michele Brown

Former NFL Cheerleader, Life Success Coach & CEO
REIMAGINE and The Cheerleader in You

Coach Grayson is one of the most dynamic, enthusiastic, and outward-focused people I’ve met!  His positive energy, diligent work ethic,  and deep desire to help people is remarkable!  I’m inspired every time I hear him speak!

Alex Sifakis

President, Jacksonville Wealth Builders LLC

To live the life you want to live you need direction and accountability. Grayson gives you both with the attitude of coach and the understanding compassion of a father, he wants the best for people and it shows.

Marques Johnson

CEO/President Of Spara Athletics

Coach Grayson is an inspirational man and mentor! His never say die attitude, positive outlook on life and willingness to help others, makes me really grateful to have crossed paths with this man!

Vera Jones

Broadcaster, Speaker, Author
President of Vera’s VoiceWorks

The Locker Room Experience is that game time moment of truth you’ve been waiting for to change your life, and Grayson Marshall is that visionary, compassionate and strategic Coach who you can trust to deliver!

Donna Orender

Former President of the WNBA

His passion for helping people is what defines who he is.

Maria Ramirez

World’s #1 Financial Forecaster

Grayson is a trusting and generous friend whose warmth and willingness to help anyone that comes along his path is apparent from the first time you meet him. This desire to serve and help others is his life calling and I am fortunate to be part of his extended family circle.

John Gray

Entertainer, Singer and Movie Producer

Grayson goes the extra mile, and is a friend to many. Best of all, he brings a message of hope to those who will listen.

Michael Kelly

Chief Operating Officer of College Football Playoffs

Since high school, he has been a role model and a difference maker. The Locker Room Experience will be impacting!

Kristen Hadeed

Professional Speaker, Founder – Student Maid, Founder – FreshSpark – Founder, MaidSuite

The Locker Room Experience shares an important message— the impact that our thought processes, attitudes, and behaviors have on our decision-making.  Grayson has an incredible ability to relate to his audience and delivers a program that resonates with everyone in attendance.  Grayson positions his audience for success after the program is over and shares his personal stories with great enthusiasm and humor.  I highly recommend Grayson and The Locker Room Experience team!

Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

Senior Pastor, The Potter’s House International Ministries

Grayson is a person anointed for paradigm shifting and moving people toward their god given purpose.

Tina Malsom

top female income earner at FORU

I have been around some of the greatest mentors and speakers in the MLM business, but no one carries charisma and uniqueness like Grayson. He has the ability to make you believe and pursue everything you ever wanted and know you will get it. He is a paradigm shifter and a life changer extraordinaire.

Robert Addie

Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate investor

A powerful speaker and mentor to all. A man of faith power and anointing. An agent for a new millennium change.

Dr. Genevive Floyd

Coordinator, Higher Education/MCPS Partnerships

When you hear the passion of his words and see the commitment in his daily walk, you recognize the determination he has to make a difference and positively effect the life of another.

Charlie Brink Esquire

CoFounder of Monavie

A man of true Character, Grayson is a model to be emulated and respected. He will not quit until you have succeeded. He welcomes challenge and teams up with the underdog. He is a man who just doesn’t lose.

Mimi Harmon

Author, Former Biologist, Future Philanthropist

I left The Locker Room Experience with my tank fully fueled and raring to go. Grayson is such a dynamic speaker and opened my eyes to many things in a few short hours–even a dancing bear. You’ll have to attend his next event to know what I’m talking about and grasp the lessons of an effective and unconventional teacher (Grayson and the bear too).

Jarin Davis

Graduated Potter’s House 06
Concordia University of Chicago 2010
Currently- Defensive Backs Coach at Concordia University of Chicago

Thank You Coach - I have been doing more research to further my coaching philosophy, and I have realized that a lot of the fundamental elements I have implemented come from you. I just wanted to say thank you for trying to make us better men. In my first year of coaching, I have realized that you can’t reach everyone. I see some of my athletes getting into off the field problems, and I remember how it affected you. You seemed to always want to be there, even if we were to young to understand why? Just thought I would let you know that you reached at least one person. I am going to be more involved in mentoring my athletes, because I want to see them grow into productive men in society. Thanks!