RYL Difference Daily Affirmation

Do Positive. Just Because…

It empowers me to do my best work.

It’s a gift that I can give myself, and others.

It means I own my place, no excuses or explanations.

Love and fear cannot co-exist but who needs fear with a life like this!

It’s present moment living so I focus on right now.

MY thoughts and feelings create my outcome, so why allow them to be anything but awesome.

It clears my mind and frees my spirit.

It makes each day bright and new so I can show others this view.

My energy is powerful; it helps me use it wisely.

Most of all, it feels good.

Each day is filled with choices, but the first choice that I make is to be positive and happy, negative is a mistake.

I focus on the things that make anyone feel good,
and lift the weak before they lose their power, because they surely could!

My mind grows ever more aware that it is more than me It can pick up guiding signs and channel positive energy.
I am an ever present observer, stable, not adrift, What a blessing to be part of helping our world shift.