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A highly effective and dynamic personal coach, I specialize in working with leaders, professional executives and entrepreneurs who know they are capable of attaining higher levels of success, but can't seem to pinpoint the specific hurdle standing in their way. Some of my clients struggle with feelings of isolation in their professional roles, which leaves them without a trusted team or inner circle to collaborate with. This isolation and lack of an honest feedback loop makes managing change and staying focused on the "big picture" more difficult and energy-draining than it has to be. I'll teach you to leverage your own self-awareness and intuition to maximize your personal and professional goals by bringing energy and insight to the relationship.  ur interaction becomes the catalyst for producing desired outcomes that last. Do any of these challenges resonate with you, or do you know anyone facing similar issues?

The DoPositive®Just Because professional development model helps my clients set better goals, take more action, make better decisions and use their natural strengths to their greatest advantage throughout their career development. Through focused career personal accountability and better self- awareness our services help them achieve balance in their lives, based on a clear purpose and backed by a burning desire for fulfillment. This approach will create a definite plan expressed in continuous action and a shift in the importance of the mindset being changed, and this encourages and empowers you to follow through with both plan and purpose.

Metacognition Mastermind

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  • Show up open and assume nothing
  • Trust my clients
  • Trust the Coaching process
  • Believe what you say is your truth
  • Listen Intently
  • Observe your energy and tone
  • Ask questions - open ended, direct, powerful and thought provoking


  • Tell you what to do
  • Make Suggestions
  • Give you advise or provide consulting
  • Fix, Diagnose, Treat or Analyze
  • Make Assumptions
  • Counsel or do therapy


  • Be on time and ready to engage
  • Tell the truth and embrace changing beliefs
  • Be responsible for your story
  • Make your own decisions
  • Trust the process and do the work
  • Bring your own agenda or topic to work on for each session
  • Pay in Advance

Do Positive Professional


It is a true calling to be a teacher and the responsibility of this assignment is at times overwhelming. To make the education experience more all-encompassing for teacher and student most of the improvement areas that are addressed are directly related the atmosphere of learning. Class structure, environment and discipline are the focal points of concern in enhancing their work environment which should lead to more productivity in the class room.  What we do at DoPositive® Teacher is address the personal growth of the teacher. We make sure we identify what the teacher is experiencing both in and out of the classroom.

Teachers pour out daily to improve the next generation and are under-compensated for the consistency they display in creativity and instruction. What goes overlooked is the need for them to be empowered and encouraged themselves. They raise self-esteem while often theirs decreases. Their bodies and minds take a tremendous amount of stress and for them there usually is no answer. Until Now!

We approach ‘The educator” and all of what they need to continue in the profession they love with the same passion as when they began. We totally focus on “Them.” We address the physical, mental and emotional aspects of their profession and bring them to a true level of empowerment. If they are empowered so are the students.

If you are a principal or leader of teachers and want to do something different for your teachers, then call today and set a day for you teachers to be changed. Let them know you care about them and not just what they do.


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"Grayson is hands down one of the best speakers I have ever brought into my classroom. All college professors should invite him to their classes. I'm so thankful he was recommended to me. Grayson is raw, he's real, he's engaging, he's funny, and his message is powerful. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Grayson's faith, his boldness, his story, his work ethic, and the impact he has made and continues to make on so many lives. Thank you, Grayson, for leaving your mark in my students' lives! All the Best," Hope Parnell - Professor of Entrepreneurism Clemson University


It is amazing how simple it is to take your career to the next level when you know what’s been holding you back and keeping you from living your best life, That’s what I’ve been able to discover in working with Grayson Marshall through his Do Positive Professional Coaching. I’ve spent well over thirty years on my quest for greatness and I am certainly not the same person today that I was 25 years ago. If life, with all of its twist and turns, has taught me one thing it’s that there’s always more to learn. Making the connection between a lack of positive outcomes in life and the negative thoughts behind them can be very difficult at best. What I have come to understand, in working with Grayson, is that he has tapped into the secret of allowing positive thoughts and the corresponding actions that follow to be driver of your desired success. I know for myself that it’s not enough to simply think positive. Having the tools to Do Positive is what it's all about. Richard Cuff- President and Ceo of Nasemba Business Alliance and CTI Marketing


To live the life you want to live you need direction and accountability. Grayson gives you both with the attitude of coach and the understanding compassion of a father, he wants the best for people and it shows. Alex Sifakis - President, Jacksonville Wealth Builders LLC


When you hear the passion of his words and see the commitment in his daily walk, you recognize the determination he has to make a difference and positively effect the life of another. Dr. Genevive Floyd - Coordinator, Higher Education/MCPS Partnerships


I have been an executive client for more than 8 years. As an aviation business professional I have attended many seminars and leadership training throughout my 32 years in the industry. Your presentation and insight on business and life experiences were very enlightening and eye opening. I would like to thank you for your vision and empowering others to dream of being leaders and future entrepreneurs. I have been forever changed. Vincent Croft – Customer Program Manager – Gulfstream Aerospace


Coach Grayson is an inspirational man and mentor!  His never say die attitude, positive outlook on life and willingness to help others, makes me really grateful to have crossed paths with this man! Marques Johnson - CEO/President Of Spara Athletics


When I first became a client of Grayson, I was searching for answers as to why I wasn't achieving the level of success I KNOW I'm capable of, and then, even when I DID finally reach (what I thought was) my ultimate goal/title/position, I still didn't feel fulfilled. Tired of struggling to understand my purpose, and confused about why I wasn't happy no matter what choices I made, I came to Grayson for clarity. In just one session, Grayson identified mental obstacles that were limiting my beliefs and thought patterns that were subconsciously holding me back. As we continued to work together, I finally learned the secret to living life on my terms and let go of the negativity and fear that was blocking my peace. I am SO thankful to Grayson for his "DoPositive" message and his willingness to pour into others. Thanks, Grayson! Kim Bynum - Sandler Training and One Core 24


Grayson Marshall has been a coach to me for approximately 10 years. He has always helped me realize that I "can't see the forest for the trees" when going through challenges in life. He helps me step up above what's going on, look at the whole picture, and find the good. Focus on what I can control, not the things I can't. Be the best me I can be, and the rest will work itself out.. and most of all, he's made me realize that NO one can steal my joy or my peace. Every day we need to wake up and stay IN PEACE. It will change the way you look at life and how challenges or problems affect you. He is truly amazing... non-judgmental, always positive, and one of the most influential people in my life. Evelyn Bailey - Lead Recruiter at Odom and Co.

Grayson Marshall is one of the premier success coaches of our time. Each time I have the opportunity to sit down and get coached by Mr. Marshall I'm challenged to take off the shackles of procrastination and move from Average to Awesome. Joseph B. Washington, Jr - Pastor of Epic Worldwide Church and The Global Development Platform "Let Average Go"