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One of the most powerful experiences in any day is doing something meaningful for someone else. It feels like a seal of approval on my own existence. Even more, it makes me glad I invested myself in that day. I never know when the opportunity will come or what form it will take, but I enjoy its riches regularly. I’m not alone – the person on the receiving end has a sweeter day for having witnessed the reality that kindness and giving are still in style along with a solution where none existed a moment ago. When that much joy is released simultaneously, it betters so many others by way of a total raised frequency. That is why doing good feels so enriching and amazing all the way to your core.

Something that can stop a person from reaping the rewards of helping another is pressing time. The feeling that we must keep moving because we have so much to do, or are expected elsewhere is the biggest thief of this experience. I urge you to trust the greater source that has placed you before this individual in need. You are somehow uniquely qualified to assist and better someone and to ignore that calling is to rob the good that you can provide not only from the person in front of you but possibly many who they will impact. Wherever you need to be, whatever you must do, it will be ok. This isn’t a test, you are asked to help and you, too, will be helped to successful improve a situation for somebody special.

Whenever this opportunity comes, I get excited. I know that I will experience amazing good for my investment in another’s journey. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be an expert to jump in and help. Whatever you know, it will be enough. Please enjoy a few true stories as a conclusion to this article and please step up and help next time you sense you can do something meaningful.

Story #1: “Now that I am a bit older, I am a bit wiser. I find myself in more situations in which I am a guide. For instance, I was having a physical recently and the nurse was telling me that she travels from location to location. She said it is interesting, but she spends a lot on gas and new uniforms. I explained that her travel and uniforms are both tax deductible. She didn’t know that. To see her light up was the spark that lit my day perhaps even more than hers.”

Story #2: She was checking out at the grocery store when the clerk noticed the dog treats she purchased and asked, “How old are your dogs? I just got an 8-week old puppy and I don’t know what he can have.” Since she was well-read in all things dog, she stepped aside and talked with the clerk for quite a long time about dog behavior, training, feeding and more. She said she felt so wonderful she didn’t even mind the time she lost. Then, when she made the drive home in the snow, pulled her car up the driveway of her small apartment building, stepped out and picked up more grocery bags than she could manage to carry, she noticed that the plow had plowed a small mountain of snow against the sidewalk, making it tricky to step over. Without a thought the gentleman next door who was shoveling his sidewalk came to her rescue – he shoveled away that snow. Imagine how great his day wrapped up.


Grayson Marshall,Jr.- The Metacognition Expert


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