To elevate athletes’ lives through understanding and practical application that translates into life-changing thoughts, perspectives and actions.

DoPositive for Athletes is a program that serves high school, collegiate and professional athletes. We believe that a holistic approach is required to develop the individual athlete into an all-around winner, both on and off the playing field.

What we do:

Elevate Sports and Education Intensive is the first basketball academy that focuses on all aspects of the athlete. We make sure the Life IQ is greater than the Basketball IQ. We emphasize positive eating, flexibility, endurance and strength.

We use Paideia Socratic Teaching using sports as the art form.

Paideia Seminar is an approach to Socratic seminar that is rooted in the Paideia method of education, which encourages active learning. A Paideia Seminar is a collaborative, intellectual dialogue facilitated with open-ended questions about a text. Thought-provoking seminar discussions are one of the “three columns” of a Paideia education, along with intellectual coaching and didactic instruction.

In Paideia schools, children don’t just memorize information. They learn to think. The Paideia approach to Socratic seminar is designed to promote critical and creative thinking.


All athletes train hard. Whether a high school, college or professional athlete, they all train and compete to win. However, there comes a time when every athlete will step off his or her field of play. The DoPositive for Athletes program is designed to educate and train athletes how to shift their talents from the field of play into all areas of their lives using knowledge, skills and abilities that they already possess.


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What Sets Paideia Seminar Apart?

Paideia Seminar shares the essential characteristics of all Socratic dialogue: it is a formal thoughtful discussion, guided by questions and focused on ideas and values.

However, the Paideia Seminar differs in some respects from the classical Socratic method. Paideia educators have refined classical Socratic dialogue in order to engage students and to build intellectual skills that students need to thrive in today’s society.

What sets us apart is this style combined with the best basket fundamental mastery makes us a must attend for the basket lover.

Why It Matters

35.2 million kids ages 10-18

1 out of 4 will be raised by one parent

1 out of 5 will be born into poverty

1 out of 10 will be born to a teen mother

1 out of 10 will graduate high school

550,000 kids playing high school basketball and less then 1% will make the pros

83% of college athletes study only enough to remain eligible

Average years for an athlete to graduate is 6 years

Our Services

Proprietary “chalk talks” executed within a team environment

Ongoing reinforcement delivered via online learning portal

Access to DoPositive’s extensive network

Our Clients

High School Athletes

Collegiate Athletes

Professional Athletes



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