Do Positive Just Because Book

The Keys to the Life You Always Imagined

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Are you so sick of “self-help?” So am I. Research shows that typical “programs” do not work for 97% of people.

Through studies, investigation and talking with those I coached in my seminars I uncovered what does work, and it is not a program at all. In Do Positive … Just Because, I provide hard-hitting truths along with five simple Keys that offer a foundation for your lifetime of personal success.

Here are some of the questions I address:

  • How do people become successful?
  • I can’t get out of my current situation, but I know there is a better life for me. What do I do?
  • I am in stuck in the past. I loved my life back then. I loved the people, and everything was so good. Now, I find myself almost in tears thinking about the past while my life passes me by.
  • I know there is a better me deep inside, but I don’t know how to get where I want to go. I feel stuck.
  • I feel like I need permission or a compliment or something every time I try to do anything. I want to be powerful and decisive, not so dependent on what others think or say about me.
  • People expect a version of me that I don’t really want to be. How do I handle that?
  • They say the quickest way to get from point A to point B is a straight line, but I am stuck at point A in my life and don’t know how to move on.
  • I feel like I have to please everyone. I even call myself a people pleaser. But I am not pleased with myself when I do that. I want to do things to grow my own life rather than cater to everyone else’s.
  • I don’t think I ever left my family and grew up. I don’t think I really know myself well enough to be courageous.

What would you do if you could do anything with your life?

Grasp forgiveness as the powerful tool it is. Let go of worry, anger, resentment and anything from the past that shackles you from moving on.

Discover how powerful you truly are. Experience significant, immediate changes through a genuine understanding of how you think. Understand how we grow habits and comfort zones that can make us uncomfortable, anxious, even to the point of stopping in our tracks; then learn how to create new habits and comfort where anxiety once lived.

Adopt five important, easy to incorporate Keys into your life and set sail for an ongoing lifetime of success. If you are searching to become your best version of yourself, Do Positive … Just Because is for you.

Regular price $20.00